Videos: What Happened at the 2018 CMPF Summer School?

The week-long 2018 CMPF Summer School kicked off on June 11 at with a core focus on journalism in the era of algorithms and artificial intelligence.

From the Robert Schuman Centre’s Villa Schifanoia in sunny Florence, our participants were treated to a number of interesting presentations from speakers working at the forefront of their respective fields. For those who were unable to attend we have compiled a few brief video interviews with some of the summer school speakers who were kind enough to share their thoughts and ideas on the future of journalism.

In the first of these videos we hear from Helen Vogt (Head of Innovations, NTB), Andrea Wagemans (Project Coordinator at Global Alliance for Media Innovation)  and Carlos Affonso Souza (Rio Institute for Technology and Society) who each speak of the challenges and opportunities for journalists presented by our focus topics of artificial intelligence and automated reporting. Other speakers at the summer school included CMPF Director, Pier Luigi Parcu, who gave a presentation on artificial intelligence, media and competition.

…it’s something that all journalists should fight for; open access to data. – Helen Vogt

Next, Aidan White of the Ethical Journalism Network advocating a light-touch approach to regulation of the large internet platforms in order to protect journalism and maintain a healthy information space.

We don’t build theatres without fire escapes, we don’t build cars without seat belts, so why on Earth should we have an information culture in which we don’t put in measures to protect ourselves from abuse. – Aidan White

Finally, Ryan Heath, Political Editor of Politico offers some advice for journalists covering the 2019 European elections.

Go where the people are. Write about issues they care about, not what Brussels tells you to care about. – Ryan Heath

Click here for more on the speakers and topics of the 2018 CMPF Journalism Summer School and stay tuned for information about how to apply for the 2019 Journalism Summer School.