Media Pluralism Monitor

Mapping risks for media pluralism and the safety of journalists across Europe

The flagship project of the CMPF is the Media Pluralism Monitor (MPM) with the most recent being the 2024 Media Pluralism Monitor report, covering 32 European countries (EU 27 plus Albania, Montenegro, Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey). The latest implementation of the MPM also features preliminary studies on Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, and Ukraine.

The Media Pluralism Monitor (MPM) is a tool developed by the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media
Freedom to assess the potential weaknesses in national media systems that may hinder media pluralism. Based on 20 indicators, summarizing 200 variables, it covers four areas: Fundamental Protection, Market Plurality, Political Independence, and Social Inclusiveness.

The implementation also includes an additional section on the digital dimensions of media pluralism. The MPM 2024 has confirmed the findings of the previous rounds of monitoring – showing that no country analysed is free from risks to media pluralism.

Prior to the 2023 implementation, the tool has been implemented in 2022, 2021, 2020, 2017, 2016, and tested under two pilot-projects co-funded by the European Union in 2014 and 2015. These two pilot-test implementations built on the prototype of the MPM that was designed in the 2009 Independent Study on Indicators for Media Pluralism in the Member States – Towards a Risk-Based Approach carried out by KU Leuven, JIBS, CEU, Ernst & Young, and a team of national experts.

Advisory board

Giacomo Calzolari

Dean of Research, EUI

Deirdre Curtin

Dean of Graduate Studies, EUI

Erik Jones

Director, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies