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Australian Newspapers Redact Front Pages in Media Freedom Campaign

On 21 October, the front page of major newspapers including The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, The Age and the Herald Sun gave way to blacked out text representing the obstacles faced by journalists in this country. Read More ...

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Some reflections on the announced Facebook Oversight Board

After announcing the idea less than a year ago, Facebook has unveiled its experiment to establish an independent Oversight Board, known as the “Facebook Supreme Court”, which will decide over content moderation issues. Read More ...

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Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek V Facebook Ireland Limited: a new layer of neutrality

Last 3rd of October, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled on the case of Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek V Facebook Ireland Limited (2019). Read More ...

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Working Paper: Monitoring online media pluralism in Flanders

The CMPF is pleased to publish a new working paper from Ingrid Lambrecht and Professor Peggy Valcke, members of the Belgian Media Pluralism Monitor country Read More ...

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The role of National Regulatory Authorities in tackling disinformation

This article discusses the critical role of National Regulatory Authorities (hereinafter NRAs) in tackling disinformation in the digital media environment. Disinformation appears nowadays in the media ecosystem at an increased level and has adverse consequences on freedom of expression, on pluralism, and on the functioning of democratic polity. Read More ...

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How UNESCO’s Internet Universality Indicators could help assess media pluralism in the online environment

Adeline Hulin, UNESCO Project Officer Twitter: @HulinAdeline   UNESCO has recently given the green light for voluntary implementation of indicators specially designed for assessing national online Read More ...

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The Social Media Councils: Bringing Content Moderation Back to the Public Forum

Author: Pierre François DOCQUIR (PhD), Head of Media Freedom at ARTICLE 19 Email: pierre@article19.org Twitter: @pfd_FreeMedia   Dominant social media companies hold a considerable degree Read More ...

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Adapting the Understanding of Media Market Plurality to the New Digital Realities

The conditions and the composition of players in the media markets have seen profound changes over the last decades in ways that potentially affect plurality and diversity. Thus, the understanding of what the media market is and which are the measures to assess its pluralism should be re-considered. Read More ...

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Navigating Risks to Digital Security

Journalists, civil society and activists face a variety of security and privacy risks when communicating online, ranging from hacking by criminal organizations to information requests to companies by government officials. This diversity of threats is important not only to understanding the myriad of risks to digital communications but also to helping individuals and organizations to make sound decisions about the communication devices and tools they use. Read More ...

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