Iva Nenadić featured on Croatian TV N1 Hrvatska to discuss media freedom in the country

On 28 April 2024 and ahead of World Press Freedom Day, Research Fellow Iva Nenadić spoke about media freedom and journalism in Croatia and the EU for N1 Hrvatska Newsnight.

Based on a decade of monitoring conducted at the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom (CMPF), Iva Nenadić observed findings that indicate either stagnation or deteriorating conditions for media freedom and media pluralism. However, she pointed out that amidst all the risks and problems in the field, there are also some ongoing developments, such as increased awareness at the level of policy-making and decision-making structures. The approval of the European Media Freedom Act serves as an example of the attempts—primarily at the European Union level—to introduce certain measures aimed at improving the situation.

“Today, the media and journalism face a complex set of challenges. On one hand, they grapple with longstanding issues like political influences and the precarious nature of journalistic work. On the other hand, they confront digital challenges, such as the dominance of digital platforms and the increasing integration of artificial intelligence into the information space. These factors significantly shape the landscape of contemporary journalism and influence the relationship between citizens, particularly the younger generation, and the media.”, she explained.

Check out the results of the Media Pluralism Monitor 2023, the flagship project of the CMPF and a tool developed by the Centre to assess the potential weaknesses in national media systems that may hinder media pluralism.