Nenadic Iva

Research Associate

    Tel. [+39] 055 4685 832 (Int. 2832)

    Iva Nenadić holds a PhD in Communications form J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek. Her research focuses on the changes in news media and journalism fostered by digital technologies. At the CMPF, she coordinates and supervises the implementation of the Media Pluralism Monitor in the areas of Political Independence and Social Inclusiveness. At the Faculty of political Science of the Zagreb University she teaches courses in Media Policy and Regulation, and Data-driven Strategic Communication. Iva takes part in the European Digital Media Observatory, where she supports relevant policy activities to tackle disinformation. Since 2019, Iva has also been involved in the European multi-stakeholder project Governing Platforms, which aims to design proposals to regulate online platforms’ operations while safeguarding fundamental rights and promoting transparency. As an expert and researcher, she took part in the European Election Monitoring Center, a political communication project on European Parliament elections in May 2019. In 2015/2016, over the course of her PhD in communication studies, Iva was a visiting researcher at Stuttgart Media University in Germany, where she collaborated on projects exploring the digital transformation of the media and journalism. She participated in MEDIANE, joint Programme of the EU and the Council of Europe promoting diversity inclusiveness, and in projects promoting media literacy. Prior to her academic work, Iva collaborated with a number of media in Croatia as a journalist, editor, and producer.