Nenadic Iva

Research Associate

    Tel. [+39] 055 4685 832 (Int. 2832)

    Iva Nenadic
    ´s research focuses on the changes in news media and journalism fostered by digital technologies. At the CMPF she currently works on the development of indicators to evaluate the level of information pluralism in an online environment. On the EU level she is taking part in expert workshops and debates that center around media literacy, data-driven microtargeting, automation, artificial intelligence and governing communication online. In parallel, at the University of Osijek, Croatia, she is finishing her PhD that focuses on the changing journalistic practice. Prior to joining the CMPF, Iva spent an academic year at Stuttgart Media University, where she was involved as a researcher in two international and interdisciplinary projects exploring influences of the digital age on media, education, economy and society. In 2014 she co-edited comprehensive publication “Common Media Pressing Issues in Six SEE Countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia)” and was a part of the team that developed empirically based Index on Clientelism in Media. She participated in the project Children of the media, promoting media literacy, and MEDIANE, joint Programme of the EU and the Council of Europe promoting diversity inclusiveness. Iva holds MA in Journalism from the University of Zagreb and has an extensive experience as a journalist and editor in various media outlets.