News deserts and local media state of play

Local media outlets face several challenges, ranging from economic instability to political influence. These pressures have profound implications, not only for the survival of these outlets but also for the vitality of democratic discourse within communities.

Failure to address these challenges is exacerbating the decline in news coverage, leading to the formation of ‘news deserts’ where citizens lack access to critical information about local issues, events, and developments. Safeguarding the integrity of local journalism is essential to ensure that citizens remain well-informed and engaged in matters that directly impact their lives and communities.

This seminar will gather various participants such as representatives of academia, media professionals, stakeholders relevant for policy development in order to discuss the results of the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom’s research ‘Uncovering news deserts in Europe: Risks and opportunities for local and community media in the EU‘ as well as other studies on the local media information landscape.

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