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Discussion Series



World Press Freedom Day 2018: A Dramatic Dip in Freedom of the Press and Journalist Safety

The World Press Freedom Day 2018, proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993 to celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom and to raise consciousness about the state of press freedom throughout the world, tragically coincides this year with the dreadful terrorist attacks in Afghanistan where, once again, journalists in the line of duty lost their lives. Read More ...

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Media Literacy Going Digital

The media is increasingly going digital, providing citizens with opportunities to access a variety of sources, to express themselves and to share information. At the same time, people often lack the necessary skills to critically examine information and to use the vast variety of digital tools available to them. Read More ...

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Measuring Freedom of Expression Online

In Europe, areas traditionally covered by the State are being handed over to private actors, with limited fundamental rights safeguards, while the ambiguities characterising EU regulation create a chilling effect on freedom of expression Read More ...

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Data-driven Online Political Microtargeting: Hunting for Voters, Shooting Democracy?

Political microtargeting practices of campaigns came into the spotlight in the aftermath of the 2016 US presidential elections and the UK’s Brexit referendum. Read More ...

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The Murders of Slovak Journalist Ján Kuciak and Partner Marina Kušnírova Represent a Serious Threat to Media Freedom in Europe

The CMPF wholly condemns the killing of Ján Kuciak and Marina Kušnírova. Read More ...

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Freedom of Expression and the Death of the Rule of Law in Turkey

On 16 February, two journalists, Ahmet Altan and Nazli Ilicak, and the academic Mehmet Altan, were sentenced to life in prison. Read More ...

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Countering Fake News in the “Emotional Democracy”

Many European countries are facing spring elections amid growing concerns regarding alleged Russian propaganda. Read More ...

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Freedom of Expression in the Digital Age – a provocation on autonomy, algorithms and curiosity

The central idea behind the notion of deliberative democracy is exercising our freedom of expression... Read More ...

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Recommendations on Media Accessibility launched from key stakeholders in the field

In October, the EU-funded Media Accessibility Platform (MAP)* project held its first international conference in Vigo, Spain. Read More ...

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