Publications – Reports & Working Papers

Policy Study – Freedom of Media in the Western Balkans

(published October 2014)

The study analyses media freedom and pluralism in the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia) in light of the EU enlargement policy. The study analyses the overall legal framework and its unsatisfactory levels of implementation, the role and the independence of PSB, the media market, and the status of journalists. It also outlines country-specific profiles, regarding these categories.  Read more…


Policy Report – EU competencies in respect of media pluralism and media freedom

(published February 2013)

This independent policy report, written at the request of the European Commission, presents the phenomena of media freedom and pluralism, and the major academic and policy debates surrounding their social, political, economic role and implications. It highlights the importance of media freedom and pluralism for the functioning, sustainability and legitimacy of a democratic government, and therefore the necessity for relevant policy actions. Read more…

Working Papers

Media Freedom/RSC Working Paper Series:
‘Freedom and Pluralism of the Media, Society and Markets’