Voices, the European Festival of Journalism and Media Literacy, travels to Zagreb in 2025

The highly-anticipated second edition of Voices will be hosted at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb on 28 February-1 March 2025. Over two days, the festival will lead conversations about how journalism is changing in the digital age and help people understand these changes.

“New technologies are dramatically reshaping opinion-making dynamics and the media landscape. After the success of the first edition in Florence, the next edition of Voices will continue to raise awareness about the current risks to ethical journalism, media pluralism, and European democracies,” said Giovanni Melogli, the Project Coordinator.

Reflecting on the value of incorporating media literacy into the event, he added, “It is crucial for citizens to become more critical users of media and social media. Voices aims at working with citizens to better detect dubious information, expose false content and propaganda.”

Building on the positive experience in Florence that attracted more than 1300 attendees, this goal will be pursued through different formats, with a line-up of free workshops, exhibitions, special screenings, interactive talks and live music. 

Besides debates, workshops will enable the active involvement of attendees and provide them with hands-on experiences and practical tools to engage with the topics discussed. “We are super excited that Voices is coming to Zagreb. This offers a fantastic chance for everyone who values journalism to meet and discuss the new challenges journalists and media workers face.” pointed out Maja Sever, President of the European Federation of Journalists and of the Trade Union of Croatian Journalists.

Voices is designed for citizens of all generations, offering diverse sessions, workshops, and participative experiences. Additional activities will take place in Zagreb ahead of the festival to engage with local journalists and other communities.

“We at the Trade Union of Croatian Journalists are especially proud and happy to greet journalism students from all across Europe. We are also honoured to host our colleagues from the Western Balkan as a sign of solidarity and outreach to our friends who are facing so many problems,” added Maja Sever.

Furthermore, for the second time this EU-funded initiative is awarding ten grants of 1000 euros each to outstanding young journalists and teachers to participate in the festival. More information about the selection criteria will be available by the end of June.

Pre-registration is now open. Sign up here to guarantee a spot for the festival’s main sessions. To be among the first to receive updates when registrations for workshops, training sessions, and interactive activities open, subscribe to the Voices newsletter.