Maren Beaufort

Research Associate

    Maren Beaufort, Ph.D. in Communication Science, researches the disinformation challenge in the context of public discourse and opinion formation as well as the implementation of regulatory measures. Since 2016, she takes part in CMPF`s Media Pluralism Monitor. As a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Comparative Media and Communication Research at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, her main research interests are: Political communication, changing media environments, connecting audience research and media use to the supply side of media environments, digital communication, and social media, media effects research and persuasive communication, media pluralism and media literacy. Her dissertation deals with “Media in Democracy – Democracy in the Media”. She has a strong background in social sciences, development, and implementation of quantitative and qualitative methods, democratic theory, and comparative and multivariate data analysis. Nearly all her research is based on democratic theory, which she is aiming to advance by relating it to the increasing dynamism and complexity of the political and social environment and especially to the transformation processes of the changing media environment in relation to changing societies, and public opinion formation as well as the accompanying consequences for action, and responsibility.