İnceoğlu Yasemin

    Yasemin İnceoğlu is professor of Communication and a member of the UNESCO International Clearinghouse on Children and Violence on the Screen and of the American Biography Institute. Yasemin was a visiting scholar at Columbia University (1994) and at the Salzburg Seminar (2003), New Delhi University Media Studies Center(2014) . She took place in many projects and has published several books:  The Persuasion Process in Communications: With Some Examples of the Political Campaigns (1997); Media and Society, Women in the Media and Women Journalists (2002);  International Media (2004); A Guide to Media and Children (2008); Text Analysis (2009); Women and their Body in the Spiral of Femininity, Sexuality and Violence (2010), Hate Speech and Hate Crimes (2012) Minorities, The Other and Media (2014), Internet and Street (2015) News Readings(2016) Her areas of studies are International media, war and the media, persuasive communication and hate speech. She taught Alternative Media and Journalism Rights, Communication Ethics, International Communication,International Communication and Theories and Models of Communication.