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Uncovering news deserts in Europe. Risks and opportunities for local and community media in the EU

Edited by: Sofia Verza, Tijana Blagojev, Danielle Borges, Jan Kermer, Matteo Trevisan, and Urbano Reviglio

This report analyses the situation of local and community media across the 27 EU member states, and signals the existence or potential emergence of ‘news deserts’.

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Research Handbook on EU Media Law and Policy

Edited by Pier Luigi Parcu and Elda Brogi, European University Institute.

This cutting-edge Research Handbook presents a comprehensive overview of the European Union’s influence on the regulation of the media sector in the digital age. It explores and compares several areas of European legislation that have an impact on the media sector, defined in a broad sense for its capacity to influence public opinion at large.

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